A standard metropolice unit weilding a stun baton

Civil Protection Edit

Civil Protection, or the Metro Police Force, are the combines "thought police" of all urban areas on earth. Most MPF units are volunteer citizens, and are mostly, if not only in urban areas. Civil protection units are generally much healthier then the average citizen because of their superior diet. Training however, is brutal, with demanding physical labor and hours of practicing and memorizing procedures and codes. These "police officers" are armed with lighter weaponry and are easy to dispatch once a player has obtained the MP7 sub machine Gun.

Combat Edit

Civil Protection officers usually use lighter weaponry then other overwatch units. They are normally armed with stun batons or USP Match pistols, in extreme cases, they will carry MP7 sub machine guns, and use emplacement turrets. CPs generally use simple tactics, like going to cover while reloading, and strafing to avoid fire. CPs are extremly inaccurate at far to medium range, most likely due to the far inferior training they recieve compared OTA units. Some officers may be armed with a deployable manhack and possibly a flare gun to call for help.

Other tactics Edit

  • CP officers can be heard before they are seen due to the constant activity on their radio chatter. You can use this to plan ahead or sneak around them.